Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong condo? Home staging can have that effect on buyers. You know the trick, you walk into one of the Condos for sale in Mississauga and it looks amazing. The rooms are set up just right and the home smells amazing. All five senses are on high alert and you find yourself needing this condo.

What happens when the smoke and mirrors clear and you are left with a less than appealing looking area? Are all your dreams thrown out the window? Are you left with the ugly feeling of buyer’s remorse?

It is for this reason alone that I encourage my clients to look beyond the staging. Look for the possibilities that lay before you rather than what the seller wants you to see. Think of the uses you will have for the area. How can you make it work for you? You can create beauty much easier than you can create/recreate a layout.

Staging a home can do this to buyers. It can make a condo look perfect until it is move-in day and the staging disappears. Suddenly you feel lost. Where was the beautiful unit you saw when you first walked in and fell in love with it? How will you ever make this area look how you imagined?

Finding the Perfect Condo

When searching for condos for sale in Oakville, Mississauga, or Toronto, what do you think of? Let me guess – perfectly placed furniture, spacious closets, and cookies baking in the oven. Now what if I told you that these features might not be reality?

What you see may not be what you get, thanks to home staging. Sellers are smart – they can stage a home to make it look larger by putting their belongings in storage. They can make closets look bigger by removing doors. They can appeal to your olfactory senses by baking cookies in the oven, making you feel nostalgic if nothing else.

Instead, I want you to look past all of this. What if the perfect condo for sale was not one with perfectly placed furniture, spacious closets, and delicious smells coming from the kitchen? What if it was actually an older unit that needs a little updating, but otherwise may suit your needs more than you realize? It is these condos for sale that I want you to focus your attention.

So what should you look for in Square One condos and other condos for sale in Mississauga, Oakville, or even Toronto? Keep reading to find out.

The Layout is the Key

Think about what will be left when the current owners leave the condo. They take their furniture, belongings, and their delicious cookies. Now you have an empty condo begging you to do something with it. That is what you need to picture, the empty condo and how you will use it.

Is the layout one that suits your needs? Is there enough room for you and your family? Focusing on the layout helps you see what you have to work with because it is hard (and expensive) to change layouts.

Picture your furniture and belongings. Where will you put them in the condo? Will you have to get creative or do your current belongings seem to fit right in? Will everyone be comfortable in the space available? Do not forget, adding your belongings will make the area shrink rather quickly, so keep that in mind.

The Condition Matters – to a Point

Do not make the mistake of focusing on the beauty of a condo, remember, it’s just home staging. It is what is behind that beauty that matters. Sure, ugly paint and dull backsplashes can be offending at first glance, but what can you do with those spaces? What are the possibilities?

What if you could make the space your own by adding your own special touch? Yes, you would need a little elbow grease, time, and money, but chances are you will buy the condo in Mississauga that you really want, not just fall in love with the ‘pretty condo.’ You may save money on the older/outdated condo, and have plenty left to fix it up how you want it.

Quality is Important

Again, looking beyond the staging, look at the quality of the home. Look at features you will not or cannot change. For example, how is the flooring? Is it high quality or will you need to replace it almost instantly? What about the trim and doors, are they a good quality? Replacing large items gets costly – focus on those areas, looking for Square One condos in Mississauga that have the quality items you want.

You want a quality condo that has features you can trust rather than a ‘pretty condo’ that may fall apart at the seams. Any features that are not exceptionally pleasing to the eye can be fixed. You can spruce up the appearance of a room with just a few tweaks. For example:

  • A quick coat of paint
  • An inexpensive backsplash for a pop of color
  • New window treatments for color and privacy
  • Updated appliances for aesthetic appeal and function
  • Wall hangings for personalization

Cosmetic changes are simple, inexpensive, and can make a huge difference in your home. Wouldn’t you rather focus your attention on the amount and quality of the space rather than what makes you feel warm and fuzzy as you walk through the door?

Oftentimes the perfect Mississauga Condos are actually the ‘imperfect condos.’ They are the properties that most buyers pass up on because they are not pretty or do not appeal to the buyers’ senses. It is these condos that I encourage you to put your focus. Envision what you can do with the space – how can you make it yours? The money you save on the less expensive property will give you great satisfaction. You will not feel guilty spending money trying to fix it up because you know that you will be making it your own.